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March 3, 2020

I am unable to complete that title to really match the genius of Lionel Bart, nevertheless, I think it is equally apt when queuing for more sweet nectar from Dionysus.

This year, Kleinkaap’s (original) GinFest happened on leap day, 29 Febuary 2020. The event boasted 20 craft gin stalls and a couple of food stalls. They had live bands tucked away in a hall…far away from the people while playback is over the speakers to the rest of the crowd.

I am afraid, the live energy does not translate when mixed down. It would have been better with some light jazz in person. We unfortunately did not stay long to see Mathew Moll in person either.

We were one of the first to enter at 11am. The time the event started was a confusing one as the website stated 12:00, but later comms mentioned the 11am entrance time. Even some of the stalls had the time wrong, so best Kleinkaap decide on a time and stick to it next year.

Tickets was R180 per person and though it is great being able to sample some craft gin all in one place in a beautiful setting, you still had to pay for everything. So I found the ticket prices a little steep. Compared to Diemersfontein’s Pinotage on Tap event at R295, you literately have bottomless wine…and I am not talking papsakkak either…Diemerfontein Pinotage wine with a great venue, live music and amazing food.

All that bitching aside, we had a great day spent under the huge trees in Kleinkaap’s gorgeous (I am going to wear this word out) gardens. Sipping one flavourful garnished-gin after another.

Our first was from Wilderer who completely underestimated the nostalgia they would bring back from their candyfloss, rose infused cocktail. It was the most beautiful thing I have tasted in a glass in a long time. I was blissfully unaware of the music.

I wish I was more reporter-like inclined – which means I would have documented the rest of the drinks we scoffed down.

All-in-all, we had a great day out. What I can also add is the incentive for using Uber, where Kleinkaap was offering delegates discounts and more drinks if you used the ride-share facility.

Would I go back…probably not. Do I want to go back…hell yeah!



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