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October 18, 2017
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Allow us to indulge a little with this excursion. Yes, there is nothing special about going to the movies, and yes, what is there really to explore and experience when it comes to bright light being cast to a massive screen.

Well, IMAX is a slightly different kettle of fish. For starters, the screen is massive…no seriously…it is huge (god, I sound like Trump)!

Then of course there is the visible speakers which does not suggest you have proper surround sound, no no…you feel it. Lastly, the laser digital projection is different. The reason I can tell it is different from regular theatres is because without my (Jaco) contact lenses, I am legally blind. Then when I add the 3D glasses to regular theatres, I find that the picture is somehow compromised and just dark and fuzzy. Though not a fan of 3D cinema, I could experience it properly in IMAX. But my bias to 2D cinema aside, IMAX is cool!

There are only 3 theatres in Gauteng. I can only assume the one in Cradlestone Mall was closed down, and I have no doubt in my mind why…they were absolutely shocking! That being said, we have 3 very worthy contenders. I have previously been to two of the three cinemas, but I am keen to be a little more critical to compare.

IMAX – The Grove

Last night we watched Blade Runner 2049 a movie by Denis Villeneuve, starring Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright. From the onset, you know it is going to be an intriguing experience. Slowly drawing out your interest in what is to happen and making you believe you have solved the puzzles.

Anyway, this was the perfect movie to test our experience at The Grove’s IMAX. With the introductory scene, you have Ryan Gosling’s flying car make a landing in the outskirts of Los Angeles in 2049. The cars make a helluva loud buzzing noises, which is sad news for future commuting, brilliant news for testing the unbelievable sound from the IMAX speakers.

The sound range is audible across with not even the slightest hint of distortion or flapping walls. That loud thunderous sound, sends me to my happy place and I have a smile on my face wider than the screen in front of me.

For the 3D I had to ask Werner about the experience. I had a slight accident with a contact lens and waiting for the replacement. For actual cinematography and picture quality, he was blown away…I could tell with the slightly dropped-jaw stance he had on his face throughout the movie. For the actual 3D, I think they made little to no effort making the movie for 3D.

Outside the actual theatre, it is pretty quiet and found little hassle to print our tickets or obtaining the overpriced popcorn and Slush puppy. The few staff around, have generally been quite friendly and helpful, all adding to a very good evening out. The only criticism is the distance you have to walk for the post Slush puppy slash…making use of mall facilities and not theatre toilet facilities. Albeit it far, still well maintained!

Lynnwood Road, Equestria, Pretoria

The next excursions will include:

  • IMAX – Eastgate
  • IMAX – Mall of Africa

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I am struggling to find specs on the cinemas, but will do further investigation and publish the findings soon enough.



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