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October 16, 2017
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This weekend was our first official outing for the 100 Weeks to come. We booked tickets to The Play that Goes Wrong, which I knew was to be a thousand laughs a minute. I was first introduced to this show in 2015, from a clip I once watched on The Royal Variety Performance showing on MNet every new years eve.

When I first saw for the show was coming to South Africa, I did not hesitate to book! Unfortunately, that was with an ex and I never went. So the second time I saw thew show was coming to Jobrug, nothing was going to stop me from getting to see it this time around!. Booked the last performance of the run in Joburg (Sunday, 15 October 2017) and for about 2 hours, Werner and I were in stitches. The shows’ second run in Cape Town is starting 1 November 2017 and runs until 18 November. For more info, check out Pieter Toerien Productions’ website.

History of Pieter Toerien Theatre

The Pieter Toerien Theatre opened at Montecasino in November 2000. The initial theatre opened, seated 320 people. In 2003, following great demand for another smaller, more intimate venue, Pieter Toerien opened the Studio Theatre, that seats 150. In August 2011 the Main Theatre underwent a major refurb and the seating capacity was increased to 400, which is just as well, because I have never seen a show, there, with empty an seat available. 

In the past, I have seen a couple of productions. More recently, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (with my drag crush, Brendan van Rhyn), Little Shop of Horrors, Blood Brothers and now, The Play that Goes Wrong.

About the Theatre

With 400 seats, you are never really too far away from the action on stage. Even I, with terrible eyesight, can make out the expressions on stage and never miss a beat. The sound, generally is good and some plays don’t even require amplification, which is refreshing.

Parking close to the theatre is easy enough, accessing the first parkade coming from Witkoppen, you simply cross the little cobble stone road and you are right there.

You can collect your tickets from the box-office stationed right at the entrance of the theatre and the staff are generally very friendly and accommodating. Bar facilities are also available onsite, however, they operate as a cash only bar. To me, this is ridiculous, considering you can pay for parking at Monte using Zapper. How about I pay for my overpriced Savannah the same way?

In Conclusion

To escape the stress you have and to be time-warped into a psychedelic drag show, or to laugh so hard, you can skip the gym the next day, you are guaranteed of world class productions at the Pieter Toerien Theatre. It is a place we would go back, time and time again and walk out of there, feeling pleased with ourselves.

Useful notes & links

Poster of The Play that Goes Wrong at Pieter Toerien Theatre at Montecasino




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