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To lose 40 by 40

October 5, 2018

UPDATE: This did not happen. However, I am living my best life and could not be happier. I need to find new clothes though.

I have had a lifelong struggle with my weight. It’s no secret that I yo-yo through the kilograms with reasonable success at times, partly because I am not easily motivated or inspired.

This morning I had an idea…on 9 November 2019 I will be turning 40. Now, I don’t attach much value to age, but I thought this would be a good challenge: to be the in the best shape I have ever been at the age of 40. Considering how my shape has been up to now, its probably not much of a challenge.

I can easily lose 40kgs (considering my current weight) and I have just over a year to achieve this, which is conveniently a a month before the South African summer holidays.

So this is my public declaration for doing this.  Follow us for the journey. The highs, the lows, the inevitable stumbling blocks.

Lotsa love

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