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August 16, 2019
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In March 2019, Jaco and Werner decided to invite me along to a weekend away at the Sun City Chalets for my 38th birthday. We joined two other friends, Martin and Louis, who had a time share there and looked forward to spending some time amidst the waves and the beautiful flora fauna of Suncity.

I was really chuffed to be joining as booking with Suncity was quite a challenge and I had originally given up on the idea all together.

As mentioned, the timeshare belonged to Martin and Louis, two awesome guys that invited me along before having even met me. Got to love the people of this world!

The Trip to Suncity

We left at about about 16:00 in the afternoon from Centurion on the Friday and hit some traffic leaving PTA. It was a bit of a haul but we eventually made it onto the R511 heading to Suncity.

from JHB | From Centurion

Once we were out of traffic, we it calmed down considerably and got to the chalets at about 18:30.

Arrival at Vacation Club Chalets

The Vacation Club Chalets were quite nice and had been converted from the original staff accommodation from the 80's and 90's. There was plenty of night life, happy kids and families and we quickly settled into a good braai and drinks whilst catching up and making new friends.


The next morning we woke to the sounds of peacocks and grumpy bears, as there were a few hangovers, mine included.

Breakfast was easy to setup and we ate like kings on cold meats, fruits and orange juice and champagne. After hitting the showers and getting ready, we moseyed out into the lost city to see what was on offer.

The gardens and bird wild life was truly spectacular and getting around was easy as my hosts seemed to know all the secret alleys and garden mazes. Sadly Suncity has lost most of it splendour and the ghostly sounds of Queen singing 'We will ROCK YOU' echo in your head as you see abandoned guard posts, flakey paint and artificial concrete rocks starting to lose it lustre and fame. The Valley of Waves just seemed... tired. and since gambling had become legal though-out South Africa it seems to have lost some of its direction. We still had fun though and grabbed some drinks, found a spot on the artificial grass next to the 'Lazy River' ride and may have caught up on some Zzzz's. The Lazy River ride was truly great and we lay on our floating tyres like bears from the Jungle Book.

We heard there was a private adult pool above the Wave machine and decided it was time for cocktails and 'all over suntanning'. There was a small entrance fee but the pool was beautiful and not a screaming child in site!

I'm a bit of nudest and decided to take advantage of the 'clothing optional' rule but after a quick splash decided that, whilst it was a place for the openminded, the crowd at that time was not. Nevertheless, we had a great time on comfy loungers, drank great cocktails and swam lazily for the rest of the afternoon.

The Shabeen

We headed home and took a nap till early evening where we decided to head out to the Shebeen - a locally themed restaurant where you could drink from beer quarts, have giant brandy and cokes with a half jack and sit on beer crates. The place was a bit run down, but it all added to the 'Soweto Town' feel and we got quite merry before heading to see the rest of the restaurants as the menu was a bit confusing and didn't seem right for our appetites.

We eventually found our way to the Suncity Resort Mall, drove past the rather old and tired sky train that must have been quite amazing in its day, and had a quick bite at a Spur as we couldn't quite find a restuarant that made us feel excited.

Image result for suncity  train

We eventually headed home to have a few drinks and hit the hay.


Jaco had decided that he would spoil me for my birthday and bought me a voucher for the famous Zip 2000 zip-lining adventure.

Image result for zip 2000

I was super excited when he first told me and we arrived to well kept tour stall in the Sun City Resort Mall with friendly staff that quickly put us as ease and got us excited for the adventure ahead!

We waited for at the shuttle for everyone to join, both locals and people from France and Russia. The Russian was very excited and had done it many times (he decided to bring his girlfriend for the experience of her life).

I have to be honest here, but the anxiety of what we were about to do was starting to kick in and whilst I'm normally big on adrenalin, I wasn't slotting into gear for this!

Werner was looking like a champ ready for his big fight!!!

We climbed into the awesome little safari truck and made out way to the top of hill to spectacular views.

The big jump!...Sort of.

So...we climbed to the top of the hill and all those not doing the zipline went down to meet us at the end point about 2km away.

As we climbed the last few steps and reached the top, I think my heart just dropped out! Werner got super amped and excited and I tentatively held onto the idea, "I can do this if I'm doing it with my buddy!"

Whilst getting strapped up and checked, I was already breaking into a white sweat and the super professional and friendly team helping us prepare announces,

You'll have to go separately as your'e a bit over weight for the tandem and your speed will be too high.

_ Trevayne goes white and has a moment.

At that point I totally turned into the scared lion from The Wizzard of Oz and started climbing out of my harness and gear!

Werner had such a good chuckle as I solemnly watched him get strapped up, given a fin for aerodynamics and given a pair of sky jumping goggles for the wind.

It was probably one of my Top 10 embarrassing moments, but not love or money could have gotten me onto the launch pad! And it turned out that I was the first person in probably 1000 others to have backed out! *SHAME! the SHAME!*

My Brave friend gave me a wave and smile as he was hitched up for launch at a 40deg angle and promptly, with a loud 'click' of the release handle, went shooting like a champ down the hill to the target area!

"YEAH BAByeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........!!!!!"

Werner's last words as he shot off into the sunset!

He ABSOLUTELY loved it and all the people who went said it was one of the greatest adventures.

Sadly I did not and moped about all day!

Time to head out!

After a day of moping (me) and celebrating (Werner!) we ventured about the resort a bit and attempted the maze in the gardens to have a beer at "The bar at the end of the Maze"

All in all, a wonderful weekend spent with friends, making beautiful memories and learning that sometimes, we all have our limits, but we have the chance to challenge them again one day!

"I'll be back for you Zip 2000! Mark my slightly soiled shorts!"

- Trevayne

We'd love to hear how your adventures went in Suncity! Leave a comment below!



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