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November 3, 2017
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This week it was time to visit Sterkinekor’s IMAX in the Mall of Africa. But before I do that, I just want to make a comment about Sterkinekor’s website.

Since the update, which is probably almost a year ago, I find it terribly frustrating to book a movie. So much so, I booked the wrong date the first time around and even to this day, I still have to concentrate really hard to make sure I don’t screw it up. I really think they could have, and still can, do a better job at allowing people to book movie tickets.

Enough ranting…entering the Mall of Africa is always rather daunting. I find myself second guessing any road I turn into to try and find parking. Wish they would sign-post the most convenient parking for the various anchor tenants in the mall. That would be a massive help for in-and-out shopping or movie going.

After a quick sit down at Rocomamas, we made our way down to the theatres (passing both B&O and Häagen-Dazs shops – just a bit of useless info). Approaching the self-service area, we noticed the theatres being a lot bussier than what we experienced at The Grove. Good for us, but probably bad for us going forward, since it puts the sustainability of the facilities in question.

Two of the guys in the party added IMAX 3D glasses to their basket of overpriced confectionary. Fortunately the ticket usher questioned the glasses, since they were handed 3D glasses for regular theatres and they will not work on IMAX 3D.

Entering the theatre, it was immediately obvious how much larger the screen is to The Grove. I unfortunately booked tickets in the first row of the upper block. I find the seating position a little awkward and really bummed I did not book it just one row up, which I suspect would have created the audio sweet-spot.

However, once the movie started and Chris Hemsworth appeared on the humungous screen with all his gorgeous handsomeness, all was good. Of course, we were feasting our eyes on the visual treats in Thor: Ragnarok. Picture bright and crips, sound solid and clear, the entire experience was an absolute treat.

It may just be my imagination, position in the theatre or movie soundtrack, but I suspect the audio was turned down slightly from what I was used to in The Grove. Again, may be just a mental calibration issue, but I suspect I may be right.

The Mall of Africa’s IMAX is definitely topping The Grove in my opinion. Driving from Centurion, it is definitely still a viable option to enjoy the larger the theatre, but the potential crowds and distance from parking, we may decide differently on the mood.

The Mall of Africa – Lone Creek Cres & Magwa Crescent, Waterfall City, Midrand, 1686

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