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October 4, 2018

For a while now, leaving this blog and not doing anything significant is making me feel guilty AF. Our ambitions posted for the world to see and then not doing anything with it, is kind of embarrassing.

At the risk of sounding like Carrie Bradshaw, I am going to post a column each week and hopefully include something useful. So here it goes:

Getting Back to Gym

OMG, what a mission!

Werner and I have been threatening to get back into an exercising routine. Our holiday in Spain was an eye opener. After a hurdle-or-two signing up with Planet Fitness at The Gate Shopping Centre in Centurion, we are back at it.

Having been a Virgin Active member for a number of years, this Planet Fitness club is not too bad. The equipment is new, it has a pool and an indoor running track. We will get to explore the other facilities over time and perhaps then, I will write a more detailed review on the place.

For now, we are aching, tired and hungry all the time. I think the cranky factor is also a little higher than usual, but that aside, we are feeling good about ourselves…the road is still long and fat, but in time we will be able to shape into the bears we are meant to be!

Importance of Family (chosen or otherwise)

As a gay man, I often wonder whether not having children is a mistake only to be regretted when older (usually when it is too late). But having children for the sake of not being alone just seems like a terribly selfish thing to do.

My aunt is currently recovering from surgery. Her son came to visit from Australia to support her, but at some point he has to return and she is still left with my other cousin who is around and my uncle to help take care of her.

She also asked my folks to come and visit while she is recovering, which made me realise: as long as you have people around you, you should not be too worried about ever being alone. One should probably never expect anyone to take care of you, but perhaps Karma will see me through into my old age one day.

Anyway, until I have something a little more useful to add, this will be it for now.

Live, love and take care of one another.

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