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November 15, 2017
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What do you get when you take 7 burley guys, between the ages of 27 and 38 to a theme park who has zero “skaam”? A great day out!

Our outing to Gold Reef City was only decided on a week beforehand and even so, a whole bunch of our friends decided to join in on the day out. Some of us attending had been there more recently and some (like me…Jaco) have not been in the park for over a decade.

Check out all the videos from our day at Gold Reef City

When entering the park they had some youngster rallying the people queuing for tickets. Usually, this would be rather annoying, but I think they are doing a commendable job at welcoming people, singing birthday songs and embarrassing the poor bachelors even more than they already are in their purple tutus.

Once inside, you are completely surrounded by little miners buildings, lush trees, waterfalls and crowds meandering. The park is relatively easy to navigate with little sign-posts up and the map you can get from any one of the info stalls.

On arrival we targeted the rides that are usually packed, however, not all of them are open first thing in the morning. It obviously did not take the park long to fill with birthday celebrations, bachelors parties and year end function delegates.

We also took some time away from the rides to have a theme photo taken. I am traditionally quite sceptical about the quality and authenticity of these manipulated photos, however, everyone had their best poker faces on and the photo turned out amazingly well. Especially with such a handsome bunch of fellas.

Gold Reef City Theme Park has definitely upped their game with great little places to have a bite to eat or proper sit-down restaurants. We samples both, first for a little something to snack on around brunch time and later sitting down at Barney’s Restaurant and Bar. Our waitress gave the absolute best service one could ask for. Each one of us had either beer or a couple of cocktails (which was tasty albeit syrup and crushed ice) and everyone had a decent meal, all for under R180 per person. Considering the setting and quality of the food, we were all very happy!

A R190 per person may seem steep, but measuring the entertainment value the R190 offers, it is a great day out to keep everyone in the family (or bro-circle) happy.

Tips & Advice

  • Skip the cue and buy your tickets online at Computicket
  • Do the rides with shorter cues first, towards the end of the day, people are less likely to go to the busy rides
  • Check online the rides that will be open and whether the park itself is open at all (Vodacom booked the entire park the day after we were there)
  • Check out Gold Reef City Theme Park’s website

Map of Gold Reef City

Click for a larger version of the map

More videos of our day out



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